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    for the pun of it

    Please help me with the following in bold.

    In a bowling league, if one person bowls 300 and the others are just spares (for the pun of it)---the 300 bowler can carry the team. This is not a team. This is a work group where one performer is the workhouse with the tautest harness on his or her shoulders, and the rest of the players just go along for the ride.

    Is "300" the highest possible score you can get in the bowling? I'm asking this because I don't know about the score system of the bowling.
    It seems "spares" refer to "people who do not perform well in a team." Am I right?
    And what does "for the pun of it" mean there?

    Thank you.

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    Re: for the pun of it

    Not a teacher.

    300 is a perfect game, I believe. You get a perfect game by bowling a strike (all pins in one throw) every frame. You get a spare when it takes two throws to drop all of the pins. So in this case, the use of "spare" refers to the other members of the team that didn't do as well as the "300 bowler," and that if you get all spares, you won't get a perfect game.

    The author says "for the pun of it" to refer to the different meanings of the single word "spare." It is also a play off of the phrase "for the fun of it," which means that you do something simply because it is fun and for no other reason.


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