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Thread: a bit of break

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    a bit of break

    Southern California is getting a bit of break from the fierce Santa Ana winds that have spread some major wildfires out there. Three of the big blazes have been burning in southern California since this week, start of the fire season, including this big one near Los Angeles.

    it seems "break" here doesn't mean "stop at a short period" What does it mean?

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    Re: a bit of break

    Break also means a gap in something, an interruption, something that stops for a short period. (Closely related to the idea of "let's take a break" - let's have a gap in the work we're doing, let's interrupt our work.)

    (Note: Stop FOR a short period, not AT a short period.)

    The winds were blowing with great strength. California was being affected by them. For now, California can take a break because the winds have stopped. They are getting a break (a brief rest). There is a break (a short pause) in the winds.

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    Re: a bit of break

    Note the "a" in Barb's example. Your oiginal post gave the text as "Southern California is getting a bit of break..." (which needs the article).


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