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    How to address 2 people at an orgin 1 letter

    How do I set up the inside address and salutation in a letter to 2 people with different titles at the same company (to save on paper)? Like this:
    Mr. John Doe, President
    Mrs. Sally Smith, Director of Communication
    A Company
    1234 Anywhere Street
    City, ST Zip

    Dear Mr. Doe and Mrs. Smith:

    Is this correct?

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    Re: How to address 2 people at an orgin 1 letter

    This generally isn't done.

    Each recipient should get his or her own letter and the fact that each is being written to should be written in the body of the letter. (e.g., I'm also writing to Ms. Smith, Director of Corporate Communications, to express the same concern.")

    Alternatively, address it to the higher ranking person and CC the other person, but that CC copy would be sent in its own envelope.

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