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    more or a couple more?!

    In some of my writings, sometimes I have to use this " couple of weeks" So, I'm wondering what should I say if I'm gonna use more with it. Is it
    - A couple more of weeks, Or
    - A more couple of weeks.
    This kind of stuff are always bringing me a headache, and I would be so greatful to have the answer.

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    Re: more or a couple more?!

    'A couple of more weeks' or 'a couple more weeks', which are colloquial, ungrammatical, and not acceptable beyond informal spoken English. Even 'a couple of weeks' is quite casual.

  3. TheMadBaron

    Re: more or a couple more?!

    "The job will be finished in another couple of weeks." :)
    "I'll see you in a couple of weeks" :)

    "A couple of weeks" is okay, but informal. 'Couple' is not really used to mean 'two', but to indicate uncertainty about the exact number.

    "A couple more weeks" is fairly common, but it's not good grammar.

    "A couple more of weeks" and "a more couple of weeks" are unacceptable. You can't use 'more' with 'couple' in this manner.

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    Re: more or a couple more?!

    If someone suggesting going for a 'couple of drinks', they never mean two.

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