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Who I am today is the result of the countless experiences I have undergone, my faith in God that has defined the essence of my being, the principles and morals I have been compelled to believe in, and the vital lessons that life has inevitably taught me along the way. Be that as it may, if one were to ask me the simple question of “Who are you?” I would proceed to be internally conflicted and stumped. My answer would eventually come: “I am Christina,” but in truth, it would simply be a name that contains no indication or determinant of whom I actually may be. As I am only fifteen years of age, I hardly have yet to discover who I truly am. While this may be considered disconcerting, I will have many years (hopefully) to find out whom I am. Presently, the future before me is alluring, filled with the infinite possibilities that each person is entitled to after their birth. Over the years, I have considered numerous paths that I might take in my not-so-distant future, varying from missionary work to veterinary medicine. However, since the future is still yet to come, I have concentrated my present efforts to various extracurricular activities. The extracurricular activities I partake in reflect my personal interests and hobbies, which in turn reflect who I am, whomever that may be.

I was born on April 4th, 1993, in the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea. I enjoyed the first four years of my life in Korea with my family, which consisted of my parents and two sisters, before my parents decided to immigrate to United States of America. The decision they made was not a light one. They were aware that after they moved to the United States, they would not see close relatives or friends for a long time, and that life, as they knew it, would change forever. Despite all of this, my parents decided to make that sacrifice for us. They knew that we would have more opportunities in the United States and perhaps receive a better education. To this day, I admire my parents for making such a decision, for it took great self-sacrifice and altruism. As a child, I grew up absorbing American culture, language, and education, consequently losing most of my ability to fluently speak Korean. As the years went by, I developed into the person I am today. However, if a passerby were to glance at me as I walked by, he or she would not be able to deduce the complexities in my personality, the contradictory characteristics I possess. I enjoy solitude, and yet I crave the company of others. My imagination is boundless, and yet I am bound by the realities of this world. However, I also possess many simple qualities. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and love learning new things every day. I tend to be competitive, optimistic, and compassionate. Moreover, one of the most important aspects of me is that I revel in all expressions of creativity, from music to art. Its beauty sustains me each day, and without it, I believe the world would lack its vibrancy. These traits about me translate into the activities I partake in my spare time, ranging from hobbies to volunteer work.

I rarely waste the free time I have. I enjoy volunteering to help others, helping in church activities, and taking delight in various hobbies. A volunteering experience that made the greatest impression on me was when I volunteered at a food bank called the Bread of Life with my church. This particular food bank was located at a church and gave free food donated from various food marts to those in need. The pastor leading this organization was very kind and generous. He understood how desperately these people needed his assistance and did not hesitate in helping them. As I distributed the food to people who came in, I could not tear my eyes away from the unmistakable look of gratitude in each of their faces. It touched me greatly and made me realize how blessed I was each day. When my church announced that we would be helping out again next month, I did not hesitate in signing up once more. Another church related event I took part in was Vacation Bible Study, otherwise known as VBS. This program gave an opportunity to young children to listen to the word of God while having fun with others. Since I loved children, I had no problem in participating. We played games and danced to worship songs with them. It was evident in each of their young faces that this gave them great joy, and I was proud to be a part of that. Furthermore, when I am not attending school or church or hanging out with friends, you are likely to find me either reading, playing piano or guitar, or drawing, as these are my favorite hobbies. I cannot remember a time when I could not read and did not enjoy it. I love to read all types of books, ranging from non-fiction to fantasy. I am a frequent visitor to my local library, constantly checking out books and poring over them. It is an amazing experience to delve into a whole new world or to learn about interesting facts, events, and people. Other activities I enjoy are playing piano and guitar. This is not surprising, as I have a great love for music of all kindswell, except for country. Another hobby I take pleasure in is art. I have had a love for drawing ever since I was a young child, and it continues to this day. I enjoy it so much that I may pursue it in the future, perhaps as a career.

In the future, after I graduate from high school, I plan to attend a college. However, I have yet to decide on what I desire to be. There are many occupations I am currently considering being: an artist, a social worker, a psychologist, or a doctor. By becoming a social worker, a psychologist, or a doctor, I can help those in need and make a difference in people’s lives. However, if I choose to become an artist, I would be able to do what I take joy in for the rest of my life, and bring beauty into the world. Until I can truly decide on what I will pursue, I will continue to keep all of my options open by persevering in my studies, and constantly challenging myself.

Throughout my life I hope to help others whenever I can and make the world a better place, even if only by an infinitesimal amount. I am determined that I will excel in whatever I may do and continue to always persevere. By being myself, whomever that may be, I know that I will one day be able to reach my goals and dreams. I do not know what the future will bring, but I know that if I try my best in all I do and be the best person I can be, I will have no regrets and perhaps, be someone that made a difference.