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    Don't and Doesn't

    we say:

    The law that don't.... or The law the doesn't....

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    Re: Don't and Doesn't

    that doesn't..

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    Re: Don't and Doesn't

    There is a certain rule?

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    Re: Don't and Doesn't

    First Person:
    I, we do.../...don't (= do not)

    Second Person:
    he, she, it does.../...doesn't (=does not)

    Third Person:
    they do.../...don't (=do not)

    The law (it) : hence, "The law doesn't..."

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    Re: Don't and Doesn't

    I'm not a teacher but ..
    I think ( that doesn't ) is the right choice ..
    because when you are talking about a fact or a habit and what you are talking about is singular and it includes (she , he , it )you should use ( doesn't )
    Ex: He doesn't know about the accident

    and if you are talking about a plural (includes the word "you") you should use ( don't)
    They don't know about the accident .
    You don't know about the accident.

    Of course the teachers know better ^_^


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