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    What does "planet spins" mean?

    I just read an ariticle about the fund that Canadian PM proposed. He has a plan that provide 100 million dollars to the developing countries to help them treat with environmental issues.

    "Harper also voiced the need for the world to keep trade routes open and fight protectionism as the planet spins through a financial slowdown."

    What does the phrase "fight protectionism as the planet spins through a fiancial slowdown" mean? Is "the planet" subject and "spins" verb? And is "as" conjuction?

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    Re: What does "planet spins" mean?

    (Bad choice of word: everyone knows it spins). I suppose the writer was thinking of the verb 'to spin out of control' or (using a noun to give the same meaning of lost control) 'to go into a spin'.



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