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    brisk = snappy ?

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether the ajectives “brisk” and “snappy” are 100% interchangeable?

    Pitcher, confidential clerk in the office of Harvey Maxwell, broker, allowed a look of mild interest and surprise to visit his usually expressionless countenance when his employer briskly entered at half past nine in company with his young lady stenographer. With a snappy "Good-morning, Pitcher," Maxwell dashed at his desk as though he were intending to leap over it, and then plunged into the great heap of letters and telegrams waiting there for him.



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    Re: brisk = snappy ?

    Hi Vil

    No, they are different. Both could be translated as "fast", but in different contexts.

    You may go for a "brisk" walk (which means "quick" or "at a fast walking pace" and takes place over a period of time), but you would not go for a "snappy" walk as it would quickly be over (i.e. in almost the same time it takes you to snap your fingers - hence the term "snappy").

    Hope this helps

    Best regards

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    Re: brisk = snappy ?

    There are lots of things that are brisk that are not snappy.

    A brisk morning (a fresh, chily morning)

    A brisk reply (short, without any politeness)

    A brisk cup of coffee (it wakes you up)

    As NT said, snappy usually has a very "quick" feeling to it. A snappy salute, for example, is clean and quick.

    By the way, where did you get this extraordinary paragraph? If you wrote it, you are more than fluent!

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    Re: brisk = snappy ?

    O. Henry's "The Romance of a Busy Broker"

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