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Thread: hair in a mess

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    hair in a mess

    hello teachers,
    I would like to know the standard way of saying someone's hair is in a mess.
    Is it correct to say ' your hair is ruffled'?


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    Re: hair in a mess

    I don't think there is a "standard way". There are many ways:

    You look as though you've been dragged through a hedge backwards.
    Having a bad hair day?
    Goodness, the wind must be strong today.
    Have you lost your hairbrush? [though this one I would keep for a child!]

    Let's see what others come up with.

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    Re: hair in a mess


    Your hair is a bit tousled.
    Your hair is a little mussed.
    You might want to smooth down your hair.

    Tough love:
    Your hair is a mess.
    Did you look in a mirror before leaving your house this morning?
    Your hair looks like you just woke up.
    Have you seen pictures of Einstein?
    Have you put your finger in a light socket?

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