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    What does "take" mean?

    I just read an article. I don't understand what "take" means.

    "These are the issues the central bank's governors have grappled with in recent days as they moved toward crafting its interest-rate decision Tuesday morning. On Thursday, the central bank will provide further guidance on its take on the Canadian economy with the release of the latest edition of its monetary policy report."

    I looked up longman dictionary. It said "take" means someone's opinion. But I am not sure "take" in the above sentence means opinion.

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    Re: What does "take" mean?

    'take' as a noun means a particular version of, a particular view or approach to something. In simple words,
    The Central Bank's take on the Canadian economy..."
    means, 'the way the Central Bank sees the Canadian economy...' (sees, views what's happening with the Canadian economy)
    'its particular understanding of what is happening with the Canadian economy as opposed to, say, how some other bank or government views the situation with regard to the Canadian economy'

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