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Thread: curve tests=?

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    Question curve tests=?

    So I curve tests. Some might object. My students are grateful, and not merely because it protects their G.P.A.s, over which some sweat bullets. By not being punitive, I can continue to challenge them to do much more as they are learning how to rise to the standards I expect standards I know they will have to meet to be successful on the actual A.P. exam in May.
    Hello! What does "curve" mean? Though I have the definition about it from my dictionary, I am still in the dark. Is it possible that you give me an example? Thanks.


    To grade (students, for example) on a curve.

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    Re: curve tests=?

    Grading on a curve means there will be the same number of A's as there are E's.

    Look up: Bell Curve Grading system

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