Cesar Saldarriaga Marroquin ( Born February 04th , 1943)
Distinguished manager andmultifaceted citizen man in some areas like, engineery, advertising, management, and journalism. He has formed part of the fast growth of La Molina district being one of the most old settlers of La Molina district and serveing his society. Below are some facts and information on the life and career of my father.
Born in traditional neighborhood Cercado de Lima to a classic family , and later raised in Lince, Cesarīs childhood in Lince, was disciplinated and very funny. Playing football was his favorite hobbie but it costed him many reprimands because he got in trouble when he spent a lot of hours playing football and came late to his home. Although the punishment was very painful so Cesarīs father used to beat him with a belt , he enjoyed his childhood playing games that Nowadays they donīt exist.
He was very popular by playing pranks, playing footbal with a ball made of cloth, meeting a lot of new people, making jokes. Those hobbies have been useful for being in shape, meeting people of different economic status and learning to shape whatever he can give others. Something funny was that he got money by having some errands to run like : to buy bear . His father are friends tipped Cesar a sol for each errand to run. It helped him to buy chocolates, turrones, sanguitos, manzana pies. It was a lesson that has taught him to be more independent than his sisters and brothers.
After he graduated at Gran Unidad escolar Meliton Carbajal school , he started to teach maths so that, he could pay his payments, soccer match tickets, and some whims.It demonstrates that a rolling stone gathers no moss.
As an undergraduate at Agraria La Molina university in 1964. He advocated to study agricultural engineery gor more than 6 years. As a result of his perseverance, he worked for building the well-known Mantaro hydroelectric power station where he was congratulated by Electroperu for working 15 years on engineery area.
In 1971, he entered at Esan college to study Management . While he was studying there , He lost his father as a cause of getting cancer, He could face up that difficult situation with the Godīs help. He continued working to reach his dreams. I believe a saying has a sense on mi fatherīs life “Any port in a storm”. Fortunadely my father found a solution.
When he finished her studies of management in 1992, he decided to set up his own business working for El Comercio newspaper becoming a manager of Publicidad Saldarriaga S.A.C. where he actually works.
His next plans are becoming part of the columnists from El Comercio Newspaper, creating some long-term plans and goals that will give peruvian people the desired economic development and innovation, continue working for some associations of small businesses and opening new branches in zones of La Molina city.
To conclude the most inspiring about my fatherīs life is that although he is citizen and retired, he hasnīt stopped working and feeling useful even in spite of healthy problems.
Distinguished, inteligent, meticulous, idealist, just, and original are virtues that are part of my fatherīs smile, his sayings, his some advise, his lessons and his original way to love me. My father is quite a character.