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Thread: use of any

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    use of any

    Hi there,

    The negation of the sentence "There are 3 oranges in the box" is "There aren't 3 oranges in the box" if the box is empty? or should be "there aren't any oranges in the box"? Or perhaps both sentences are right?


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    Re: use of any

    If you say "there aren't 3 oranges in the box," there may be 1, 2, 4 or an infinite number of oranges, as long as that number isn't 3.

    "There aren't any oranges in the box" means that there are zero oranges.

    You can also say "There are no oranges in the box" but that sounds like you should either follow it with "but there are some apples" or "but there are some oranges in the bag."

    {not a teacher}


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