1.From cnn news:

Relentless winds that spread 3 huge wild fires in Southern California have finally died down. Fire crew say the biggest fire, the Porter Ranch blaze is 50 percent contained. They believed a downed power line started that fire. All the evacuation orders were lifted yesterday.

2.From a web site:

Even before the removal, violence broke out in the streets of Tallinn. Rioters smashed shop windows, flipped over cars, and threw rocks at riot police. Most of the demonstrators were ethnic Russians, who make up a quarter of the nation's population. But the fighting died down quickly; hundreds of people were arrested, the windows were repaired, and street sweepers had cleaned up everything by the morning of April 28.

Hi teacher, I have two questions:

1.Die down means decrease or gradually quieter. And in the first example, the fire has gradually deceased, but still remained there. But do you think "died down" as a past tense has a sense of "totally stop" in the second example?

2.Also, Instead of "died out" ,which words/terms/adj are good to describe Hurricane "weaken" ? If my memory serves me right, I came across a description like the hurricane lost its stem/stream in CNN news, but I googled it but in vain.