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    Signing letters: "love" or "XX"

    since I am not a native speaker, I wondered if there is a difference between signing a letter or an email with "love" or "XX" and if there are any hidden connotations?
    I would be eternally grateful for any explanation!

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    Re: Signing letters: "love" or "XX"

    It depends upon the type of letter. You would never sign a business letter "Love." However, if it's correspondence between friends or sweethearts, then "Love" is fine.

    An "X" in this case represents a kiss, and would be added after your signature. That is, you'd sign the letter:


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    Re: Signing letters: "love" or "XX"

    Hi Ouisch,
    thanks for your answer. Well, taken it's email between 'friends' and it changes from XX to love, is that a 'downgrade'? Something I should know?
    Thanks again,

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