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    help me~

    My name is ooo
    Although you think this applicant is too old to study.
    I will study hard so much. And I will show you my ability.
    I want to study unicycle which is my favorite subject to be a professor.
    I wish I can realize my earnest desire in this time.
    Thank you.

    Is this correct? help me please~

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    Re: help me~

    (Not a teacher)

    I will try to help with some of the lines but I'm not certain of the meaning in parts of them. Is this part of an application to a university or to an athletic or trade school curriculum?

    My name is 000.
    You may think I am too old to study, but I will study very hard and will show you my ability.
    I wish to study [riding the unicycle, construction or repair of unicycles?] as it is my favorite subject. [I don't know what "to be a professor" means here]
    I hope I can reach my goal [after the course of study?]

    If you would give further information on this perhaps we can provide additional help.

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