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  1. Wanted2bawriter

    I need a coffee vs. I need coffee?

    Tell me what's difference between them.

    Another question: What kind of resources for a speaker to improve its writing skills outside the internet?



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    Re: I need a coffee vs. I need coffee?

    "I need a coffee" is a very common shortening of "I need a [cup of] coffee." In the UK they shorten it somewhat differently as "I need a cuppa [tea]"

    "I need coffee" may have the same effect, but the meaning is more, "I need some coffee in my system, now, before I fall asleep."

    "I need coffee" is often the first sentence someone says when they wake up in the morning. They don't really care whether it comes in a cup or a bottle at that point.

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    Re: I need a coffee vs. I need coffee?

    Ha ha ha! What a great answer!

    Suggestions for improving your writing:

    Start a journal in the new language. Take little notes during your day. Or write poetry. Keep it short.
    Carry it around and when you see a native speaker, ask them to read it.
    Give them a pencil to make corrections.

    Trying to do it will make you remember better. When you see something written that you tried to write yesterday, you'll say ''Wow, so that is the correct way!" Your brain will become more alert. You will learn.

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