Hi everyone!
I hope that a few people here will be willing to help me out. I cannot get ahold of the close friends that I had intended on interviewing for this particular paper- so your help would be appreciated! It is going to be used for a sociolinguistics paper that I need to write as soon as possible. If you have any questions about my questions, feel free to let me know! Thanks in advance.

1.Where were you born/what is your first language?
2.When did you move to the US/how long have you been speaking English? Did you learn English before or after moving to the US?
3.When did your parents learn English? Did you study and learn together? How long did they speak English around you before you learned it?
4.How difficult would you say it was to learn English, as a whole?
5.How difficult would you say it was to grasp English word order and grammar rules, vs those of your L1?
6.How difficult would you say it was to acquire English slang? How about regional Southern slang? Did you incorporate it into your own vernacular?
7.What experiences do you remember when learning English/American standards of politeness? Can you think of any examples of something that would be rude in the country you were born in, but not in America? Or vice versa?
8. How hard would you say was it to grasp when was “appropriate” to use words like “thank you”, “excuse me”, “you’re welcome”?
9. Are the standards for touching/hand holding/hand shaking/eye contact/other contact gestures different in America/English than in your country of birth?
10. Did you find it more difficult, or about the same, to learn how to express personal feelings and thoughts in English?
11. Do you see differences in the overall formation of conversations in English vs. your first language? IE, taking turns in conversation, initiation of conversation, pausing conversation, closing conversation.
12. Did you encounter differences in how one speaks to children/elders/opposite sex in English, vs. your native language?
13. Does the way you would handle a verbal dispute in English differ from the way you would handle one in your native language? As how?
14. Which language do you think you will use for raising your child, if not both? Why? Do the ways that adults speak to children vary between your two cultures and languages?
15. Have you experienced a feeling of disloyalty or loyalty, shame or pride, connectedness with your peers vs disconnectedness in any of the languages you speak in particular situations? Please elaborate!