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    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to explain to me the meaning of the word in bold in the following excerpt from an e-mail in my post?

    “The price is the same as last time - £30 - and will get you a three-course meal in an excellent restaurant, a cup of coffee and a glass of wine, beer or water (or a soft drink). But the food isn't really the point...

    What you REALLY get for your money is the chance to hobnob with a great group of other Internet marketers of all levels of experience and knowledge.”

    I have found such meanings as “to drink together”, “to associate familiarly”, “to associate as friends”, “to associate with others in a brotherly or congenial way” as well as “get or lose, hit or miss”, “hit or miss” but all this don’t satisfy my curiosity. I would know further information concerning the etymology of the word in question.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: hobnob

    "Hobnob" comes from the Old English habban and nabban which means "have or have not." Eventually the phrase was shortened to "hab-nab," which was a sort of "drinking call" used in pubs (folks would clink glasses and call out "hab-nab," so that those whose glasses were empty would get them refilled for the next round).

    Today "hobnob" means to associate, mix or socialize with someone or a group of someones. Quite often it is used as a boast: "I sneaked into a party in the penthouse of the Ritz last weekend after the Madonna concert and got to hobnob with George Michael and Sting!"


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