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    Albeit & Although

    Can I subsitute "albeit" for "although" in the following sentences?

    "As broadband grew, many predictions made during the boom—about the value of online advertising and the volume of e-commerce, for example—came true after all, albeit (although it was) a few years late. " (The Economist) *(Words in blue are inserted by me.)

    "Attitudes to this question are changing, albeit (although they are changing) slowly." (Longman Dictionary)*(Words in blue are inserted by me.)


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    Re: Albeit & Although

    Depends on what you regard as acceptable. Longman's seem to take the view that 'albeit' "means the same as" 'although'. Some users prefer to restrict the use of 'albeit' to contexts where the antecedent of the "-it" is a noun or noun phrase:

    The legal process was lengthy albeit sporadic; there were frequent delays to the public hearings.

    The legal process continued slowly albeit sporadically.

    But not everyone agrees; I actively prefer your versions, as they introduce the 'it' and the 'they'. But many (most?) speakers just use 'albeit' as a more formal-sounding version of 'although'. Politicians in particular seem to feel that it gives academic weight to their arguments.

    (See also )


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