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    getting "sorted for whizz"


    I am doing a translation and came upon a phrase that I don't unsderstand and can't find the translation of.

    "Getting "sorted for whizz"" - what does it exactly mean? Is it an allusion to something, and, if yes, what?

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    Re: getting "sorted for whizz"

    'sorted'** as in 'It's all sorted" means all arranged, all in hand, fixed up.

    whizz is slang for 'speed' = amphetamine, sold illegally, particularly in clubs.

    So, if some is 'sorted for whizz', they have purchased and have their supply of whizz for the evening
    if asking, "Are you sorted for whizz?", he is asking if they have all the whizz they want, because he, the speaker, is selling...or wants to ask him to share what he has!

    ** I hadn't heard this use of the word until I arrived in Britain after many, many years overseas. I was used to Australians saying, "No problems", meaning everything was in hand, or could he arranged, done, managed with ease. "All sorted', meaning 'all arranged', sounds as if it came from a Royal Mail analogy, and mail being all sorted and so ready for delivery. Someone who knows the background to the emergence of this now ubiquitous saying might add some hard fact to my supposition.
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    Re: getting "sorted for whizz"

    You are asking about getting "stored for whizz.."

    Now here i can give you an example to take a step to understand like, if someone has have to choose One from his or her most desired things rather you like both but there is only for afford one thing exactly he or she needs by and that is what you have to choose from,

    and that is how you are trying to getting more appropriate from them One, so that is it you have to think but not sure,

    getting One of those too, although you does not approve yourself for sure.


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