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    What does "varia" mean?

    The current phoneme set has 39 phonemes, not counting varia for lexical stress. Phoneme Example Translation
    ------- ------- -----------
    AA odd AA D
    AE at AE T
    AH hut HH AH T
    AO ought AO T
    AW cow K AW
    AY hide HH AY D
    B be B IY
    CH cheese CH IY Z
    D dee D IY
    DH thee DH IY
    EH Ed EH D
    ER hurt HH ER T
    EY ate EY T
    F fee F IY
    G green G R IY N
    HH he HH IY
    IH it IH T
    IY eat IY T
    JH gee JH IY
    K key K IY
    L lee L IY
    M me M IY
    N knee N IY
    NG ping P IH NG
    OW oat OW T
    OY toy T OY
    P pee P IY
    R read R IY D
    S sea S IY
    SH she SH IY
    T tea T IY
    TH theta TH EY T AH
    UH hood HH UH D
    UW two T UW
    V vee V IY
    W we W IY
    Y yield Y IY L D
    Z zee Z IY
    ZH seizure S IY ZH ER

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    Re: Varia

    Ooh, you really didn't have to type in the data. What a great deal of work that must have been.

    varia, noun, a miscellany, especially of literature; from Latin varius, various.

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    Re: Varia

    The savvy internaut masters the art of the copy and paste



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