First of all: I'm not sure if this message belongs here. If it doesn't, please replace or remove it.

I'm currently working on a text-based MMORPG (games like Kingdom of Loathing, Travian, Hattrick, etc.) in English. It's almost finished and there have been several testing rounds in the past. However, English is not my native language: I've learned the biggest part just by watching tv, reading articles and chatting on forums. I guess my English is correct most of the time, but not always. The betatesters have already corrected some of my language, for example. The problem is that none of them were native speakers too, so they are probably not able to correct complicated syntactic structures or stilistic mistakes either.

I was wondering if some of you would like to help test my game. It's about a futuristic sport on some kind of futuristic motorcycles. The players have to manage teams by buying and selling players and vehicles, etc. The new testing round will start in a few days, and includes several new options. If you are interested, please let me now. You can use this thread, pm or my email ([email protected]), and I'll send you a link and a starting date. There will be some more testers (probably around five) to test the new functions. Everbody is nice and enthousiastic (like me), so I guarantee
you a lot of fun. Your job will be to behave in as many ways as you can think of, so that the game will show a different text every time. If you think there is better to say what is said, you have to let me know. That's all!

Woses Eltops

If you're not interested in correcting my language, but you made it untill here, you might rather test the new functions instead of the language. I actually found enough testers for that, but I can always use more. Please email or pm if you would like to join.