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    text correction

    I've already sent you the new card. I sent it as a regular mail and it will take 5 days, at most, to reach you.

    By the way, the service ABC provides is really excellent. Last week I sent a little package to Mars but I didn't want to pay for the express mail. I sent it as a regular one. The lady told me it would take 10 days to get there but I didn't care because I wasn't in a hurry.

    Well, I went over the ABC web site yesterday just to check the progress of the shipment and, to my surprise, the package had already been delivered!

    Very good!!

    Hi there!
    Considering a 1 to 10 range, how would you grade this text, please?

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    Re: text correction


    You do not need the article with "express mail" and "regular mail".

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