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Thread: in a movie

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    in a movie

    "A name i know as well as my own so long i have heard it spoken."

    Does this mean that beacause i have heard a name so long, i know a name as well as my own?

    "The last time i heard from Mrs.Weston, you were not due til towmorrow, It is always pleasure to come in on one's friends before the lookout begins. I would not presume to do so in most cases, i felt in coming home, I might be forgiven."

    (in the movie, Emma)
    How should i understand in here?
    Could you explain the last sentence?

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    Re: in a movie

    People have spoken of 'Frank Churchill' so often over time, his name is as familiar to her as her own name.

    'in' : He was not due to arrive until the next day. Normally, it would be rude to arrive at someone's house without advance notice so that they can prepare for the arrival...and keep a lookout: " I would not presume to do so (in this case, arrive early before all preparations had been made) in most cases."
    You are probably more familiar with phrases such as, 'in that case, I would...' and 'in this situation, what would you do?'
    As in your quote, 'in' is used to express a state or condition or situation, and in the quote, the situation is where he has been away for a while and is now 'coming home'.

    I would not presume to arrive unexpectedly, but in this particular case, where I am actually coming home after a long time (as opposed to living a few miles away and just dropping in without any notice, which would be rude), I am sure they will understand and overlook (forgive) this breach of etiquette.

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