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    using zero article

    Hello there,
    I would like to know the correct way of using zero article. Using articles is a big problem for learners of English. They seem small, but quite powerful. For example, if you use definite article 'the' before an uncountable noun for specific purpose, it is applicable. But, for a general purpose definite article is not necessary. But I have seen sometimes zero article is used before a countable noun. Normally, I have known that a countable noun must have indefinite article 'a' or 'an'. But, for some of the book titles or names they normally omit definite or indefinite articles.
    For example,
    They say," Land of ......." or " Portrait of ...."
    Cay you kindly explain me about using zero article? It will be very grateful for me.

    Tun Tun

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    Re: using zero article

    Zero article
    1. General meaning – life, water
    2. Abstract nouns – education, love
    3. Places in general – France, Peru
    4. Streets, squares – Newton Street
    5. Place (person)+airpot/ station/ university – Yezin Agricultural University
    6. Games / sports –tennis
    7. Language – English
    8. Academic subject – Physics
    9. Meals –breakfast
    10. Noun + number – Platform 5
    11. A place we always go to – to school, at home, in bed
    12. Days, months – Sunday, January
    13. Movement or transport – by bus, on foot, by plane, by air
    14. Exclamination with countable / uncountable noun- What sad news!
    Hope that help you.

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