Cigeratte is a topic we will nerver stop arguing since it's birthday.And you can see the producer of Cigeratte is not so wicked .before selling the Cigeratte,they have wrote a slogan on the packaging:"Smoking is bad for your health".I bet everyone who is in smoking now can see the slogan on the packaging of Cigeratte.and they are not stupid they all kown that Cigeratte is bad for their health.But why they still smoking? From my observation,I found two:Most of the youngs who smoking may think that it's Cool while smoking. they desire respect from others. Most of adults who smoking persure smoking to desend their daily pressure. I think they are using an excuse. We can win other's admiration by study hard and get a good achivement not by smoking. We also can do someother things which is meaningful to reduce our pressure such as Listening the music or staying with the family and so on but not by smoking.All i want to say is that if you want to give up the habit of smoking,change yourself first. change yourself from a peacock to a realman,from unreasonable to reasonable! when you have done all this , then think about the Cigeratte,you can give up smoking easily!