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    I was wondering if you could help me understand the following sentences:
    a) I've seen: "I often wish that I was the youngest child in the family, so I could do what I want (to)". I put "to" in brackets so you can tell me if the use of it is optional or not.

    Other example is: "He doesn't have concentration to start reading the books he needs (to).

    I think it's optional. Am I right?

    If I want to say "Ela e o marido dela", can I say "she and her husband were at that party"?

    Can I say: "I leave my job at 5.00."? What's the difference between "go out" and "leave"?

    I've learned that I should use uncountable nouns or plural when I use "any". For example: "I don't have any books." If I say:"I don't have any book", is it wrong? I'm asking because I've already heard sth like that.


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    Re: Grammar

    1) you're right
    2) ok
    3) leave is fine. 'go out' doesn't work here.
    4) plural is most frequent, but I believe the singular is ok too.


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    Re: Grammar

    In addition, :D

    1a. ...I want/need to. (OK)

    This speaker omits 'do' because it's redundant. That is, there are two do's in the sentence: EX: I can do whatever I want to (do).

    1b. ...I want/need. (OK)

    This speaker omits 'to' because s/he sees 'to do' as a set phrase. S/he thinks that if 'do' is omitted, then 'to' should be omitted, too. EX: I can do whatever I want (to do).

    1c. ...I want/need to do. (OK)
    This speaker does not omit 'to do'.

    4a. I don't have any books. (OK)
    4b. I don't have any book. (Not OK)
    4c. I don't have any problem with you. (OK; any (one) kind of problem: a specific kind of problem)

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