Subject: Motivation Letter for Master in Management of Development Degree

Dear Sir/Madam,

I appreciate this opportunity to provide further background information in support of my application for entrance to the Master in Management of Development at the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO) in partnership with The University of Turin for 2008 -2009 session.

I am raised by a family with a strong belief in the importance of education. Being highly motivated by my parents, I have always striven to be a good student. I now want to further my education by working towards gaining my masters degree in management of development.

I have been a member of several social organizations; I am a member of the youth committee and editor of a newsletter (one voice of workers) of Pakistan Workers' Federation (PWF), which is the single largest national trade union center in Pakistan currently has eight regional offices in the four provinces of Pakistan with an affiliation of 419 unions and a membership of more then 880,000 workers nationwide representing the majority of unionised workers.

As a labour representative I have participated in two residential courses organized by ILO-ACTRAV, one in 2002 and second in 2008, I found ABC center a wonderful place of learning and I am really inspired by the training facilities and multi cultural environment, which really motivated me to apply for the above said degree programme.

I am working as junior engineer in a consultancy firm where I am directly attached with the project manager and also involved in management and decision making process. I am also an active member of social organization; in my graduate degree program I studied different management courses which are really helping me to perform my duties.

Finally, as you may know, my home country, Pakistan, has been struggling with many problems during the last decades, even though it is a very beautiful country with plenty of good, smart and hardworking people. I think that one of the better ways to help overcome these difficulties is through education, and, in particular, high-level research and development. To do so, I can think of no better place to go than a country such as Italy, one of the most technologically advanced societies with one of the highest standards of living in the world. Combine that with the possibility of studying in the most prestigious university in Italy and one of the most renowned professional training centre in the world, in an open-minded, culturally diverse environment, and the result is clear: it is the best place to work hard to achieve my goals.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future regarding the success of my application. Should you require further information of any kind, please contact me as indicated on the attached CV.