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    military observer(s) mission ??? sixty-four dollar(s) quiz

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to try your hand at clearing my suspicions regarding the correctness of the expression in bold in the following excerpt of a political essay?

    “When a dispute threatening the world peace is brought before the Security Councel, the Councel’s first action is to recommend that the parties in dispute should try to reach agreement by peaceful means. ….In certain cases, the Secretary General himself may offer his good offices to the disputing parties. Measures of another kind that can also be employed by the Security Councel are the operations of the UN peace-keeping armed forces and military observer missions.”

    In my native language the second part of the expression in question in the plural.

    I have seen the likes of it in the following expressions: two-mile race, three-hour interval, twelve-question show, sixty-four dollar quiz.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: military observer(s) mission ??? sixty-four dollar(s) quiz

    "Military observer" is an adjectival phrase qualifying the missions. The "missions" are carried out by commissioned groups of military observers who are sent out to the field of operation to keep an eye on the danger of hositilities breaking out, and to advise on how to avoid this.


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