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    (a) part

    Knightsbridge became (a?) part of London...

    Is it 'part' or 'a part'?

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    Re: (a) part

    'part of'

    If it became 'a part of London', then it presumes that London is made up of 'parts' (such as Westminster, Hammersmith, and all the other Burroughs) and that now Knightsbridge has become another of these 'parts'. Today, at least, I think people regard London as one big city rather than some conglomeration of Burroughs.

    I'm not sure how back in history this reference is going, to some time when Knightsbridge was a country village or something, but I think London would have been regarded as one sprawling city even then, and that Knightsbridge became 'part of London' owing to urban sprawl.
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    Re: (a) part

    Thanks, David. I got the idea. The story dates back to the times of William III.

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