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    Question zero tolerance

    We hear endless amounts about zero tolerance for drugs and drink driving, how about zero tolerance for violent men?

    Please tell me what does zero tolerance mean?????

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    Re: zero tolerance

    There will be no tolerant treatment of offenders. They will be given the statutory penal sentence laid down in law with no reductions or exemptions.

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    Re: zero tolerance

    And regardless of how small offence. In some countries, the police pursue drug dealers but will often do little about the consumers as this is seen as time-consuming and relatively pointless- if they do get to court for possession they'll get a small fine and society will have spent thousands and many hours to achieve that. In a zero tolerance regime, they'll arrest and charge small offenders, believing that this will repay in a broader cleaning up of crime in general and by limiting the possibilities criminals have making it harder for serious crime to take place.

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