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  1. Neurotica

    Re: Is spelling really all that important?

    Hi there...

    If spelling wasn't that important, then the forum would be English as an Alien language... No offence, but should this be posted in some other forum?



  2. Casiopea's Avatar

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    Re: Is spelling really all that important?

    English as a Alien Language Forum

  3. Neurotica

    Re: Is spelling really all that important?

    Nopes, Alien as in English Language FORUM?

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    Re: Is spelling really all that important?

    I'm truly surprised.
    I wouldn't think, even for a while, that someone might take the original post as anything else than just an example of a weird phenomenon related to our perception.
    Do we have to be deadly serious all the time? Wasn't it clear to everyone that it was just a big joke?
    I will gladly accept the risk of being counted among Aliens. I'm not sure what Casiopea would think, though.
    Since this is a quick reply, I don't have the 'wink' emoticon right at hand.

    Long live the Aliens.

    Tee Kay

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    Re: Is spelling really all that important?

    I think that depends. If more of your work is connected to writing then spelling is more important. On the other hand, there are many people around us who have received little education not good at spelling. But they can make themselves understood.

  4. isaaclondon

    Re: Is spelling really all that important?

    I like this post.

    It really confirms what I've been thinking for years now. Especially since I came to London.

    While I was at school in Spain, I spent 90% of my studying time learning proper grammar, spelling and other "theory related" things, and not much vocabulary.

    When I came here, I discovered that I just didn't know anything, because the most important thing you need to communicate with other people are words not whole sentences!!!

    If you don't know a basic ammount of words, you are damned to talk using your hands, or describing things to others because you don't know how they are called.

    And nobody cares if you make a grammar mistake or write something wrong, because they understand you anyway.

    Don't get it wrong. Grammar and spelling ARE important but not so important as to take so much time from vocabulary learning.

    As an example, a 34 year old english guy that works with me always has to ask how to spell some words when he is writing a report, and I know them all!!!

    hummm, something's just not right in the way we learn the language.

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