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    could be more real than

    Emma's father: Why should she give up being your governess only to be married?
    Emma :I am grown now. She can not put up with my ill humors forever. She must wish
    for children of her own.

    father:You have no ill humors.
    Your own mother, God rest her, could be no more real than Miss.Talyor. Can she
    really wish to give life to a mewling infant who will import disease each time it
    enters the house? No. I said poor Miss Talyor, and poor, indeed, she is.

    Man(entering to the room):As an old friend of the family i had to ask as soon as i got
    back. Who cried the most at the wedding? (From the movie Emma)

    Could anyone explain what this sentence in pink means? Thanks alot.

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    Re: could be more real than

    He means to say that Miss Taylor has been just like a mother to her.

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