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    Uses of Yet/Reflexive Pronouns

    1. Can I use the adverb yet in all the kinds of negative sentences? I mean, even if I'm not using the Present Perfect. For example: I'm not sure yet.

    2. What's correct: "Let's stop talking about me." or "Let's stop talking about myself". I'm writing an essay where I need to talk about my routine, interests and after that, I need to know about the other person.

    Thank you again for your wonderful work!

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    Re: Uses of Yet/Reflexive Pronouns

    (1) Yes, although 'yet' and 'already' are more commonly associated with present perfect, they can appear in other forms. 'I don't think I will leave yet.'

    (2) 'Let's stop talking about me' is correct. 'Let's' = 'let us', hence the reflexive if used must be 'let's stop talking about ourselves'.

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