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    spelling mistakes software


    I was wondering if you know any software that can correct my spelling mistake while typing, but more importantly, that will document the word I miss spelled, so that I will be able to go over them once in a while and improve my spelling?

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    Re: spelling mistakes software

    What word processing program are you using?

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    Re: spelling mistakes software


    I know it can correct misspellings, but it does not document them....

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    Re: spelling mistakes software

    Aspell (freeware) will, but it's tricky to install; I installed it for a text editor and ended up having to use the command prompt to get it working. Mind you, it is good once it's running. Have you looked at White Smoke (payware) for a more readily installable product?

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    Re: spelling mistakes software

    I have just downloaded it, but I have no idea what to do now... what is ".gz" file type?

    I tried white smoke. it did not help me a lot with my grammar. I was not aware to the fact it could remember my spelling mistakes... eventually I uninstalled it...

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