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    came down


    I was wondering if somebody could have a look for me at this phase "came down". What does it mean in this context?

    Thanks for your help.

    ... ...
    Mrs. Steadman: If we talked about who had motive to kill Terrence, we'd be here all day.
    Veronica: I'm sorry?
    Mrs. Steadman: Look around. Half the people in this place were shareholders in his company. Every one of them sat at my husband's memorial, and every one of them was thinking the same thing. Thank God he's gone.
    Nick: Why would they think that?
    Mrs. Steadman: Money. As soon as rumors of the indictment started, you should have seen them run for the exits.
    Veronica: I wasn't aware of any indictment.
    Mrs. Steadman: It never came down. He died before it could.
    Nick: Have anything to do with EcoField?
    Mrs. Steadman: Do the math. C.E.O. of a corporation gets indicted for fraud, investors start losing money. Lots of money. If I didn't know for sure Burrows pulled that trigger, I'd say it was any one of these people in this restaurant. We're talking half a billion of dollars, Mr. Sisler. People have killed for a lot less.

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    Re: came down

    For some reason, we use the phrasing "handed down the indictment" so "it [the indictment] never came down" means that the legal process had not yet gotten to the point at which he was formally indicted.


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