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    motive and motivation, work, study, own

    Dear teachers,

    I have four questions to ask:

    The following is from the online dictionary:

    motive: a reason for doing something
    motivation: the need or reason for doing something
    The only difference is "motivation" can also mean "the need" apart from reason. Could you please explain the difference beween the two?

    The farmers had the tractors ______ 24 hours during the harvest season.
    a. working b. work
    As far as I know "have" can be followed by both "doing" and "do". The key is "a". Is it because "the harvest season" is a definite time so "work" is not correct?

    You____ for another two years before you graduate.
    a. will be studying b. will study
    The key is "a". Could you please explain why "b" isn't correct?

    Although your computer is ost up-to-date, I'd like to use_______.
    a. my own b. my own one
    The key is "a". I agree. Could you please kindly explain why can't I say "my own car" but "b" is wrong? I think "one" refers to "computer"?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance.


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    Exclamation Re: motive and motivation, work, study, own

    No. 1: Motivation is derived from the verb “motivate”, which means: to give a reason to do something and the need for the act of motivating is motivation.
    So motivation has both a need and a reason. Example: As a measure of motivation to increase productivity, the management decided to introduce production linked bonus for its workers.
    Here the need for motivation is to increase productivity.
    And the reason for motivation is extra incentive or production linked bonus.

    No.2 I think “have” is followed either gerund or infinitive form of the verb. I have to go. She has to work. So you can use to work or working.
    The farmers had the tractors working/to work 24 hours during the harvest season.
    No.3: “Study” is continuous process. Some one who is studying in the undergraduate level, you can not say to him “you will study”. The correct way of telling is: You will be studying for another two years before you graduate.
    No.4 “ Own” is used here as a pronoun after the possessive adjective “my”. So you can either use a noun or pronoun after “my”. You can say: my car. My computer


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