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    please check

    hello dear teachers,
    I have some sentences that need to be checked.Would you be so kind to spend some of your time in doing so?

    1.Jeremy (felt or was) stoned after some inhalation from the cannabis.
    2.Irvina was asked not to go near any weed(s?) after getting from the rehab.
    3.I'd like to present (to?)you the X product.
    4.I'd like to ask for (a?) full refund.
    5.I was wondering if these expressions are still in use nowadays :
    " stone me; stone the crows; I'll be darned; I'll be a monkey's uncle;"

    Thanks for you time and effort.

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    Re: please check

    (Not a teacher)

    I would offer the following comments or examples on the sentences you gave.

    1. Jeremy was stoned after inhaling cannabis for a while (OR for some time).

    2. After she completed rehab, Irvina was asked not to go near any weed.

    3. Either "present you" or "present to you" is all right in the sentence given. However, what is the exact meaning of "presenting?" Are you giving the product as a gift (or sample), or are you presenting (announcing) it in a formal talk? In the last case I would definitely use "to."

    4. I'd like to ask for a full refund.

    5. I'm not familiar with the "stone me" expression but the other two are still in use. The "monkey's uncle" expression is rather old and tired.

    I hope this helps

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