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    Question Purpose of English

    I have recently been writing a speech for my English class and I need to give an example of the importance of learning English. I have a few ideas, but none of them seem to get across my meaning. I really want to show my class exactly how important English is - which is extremely! Can anyone help me?

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    Re: Purpose of English

    Well, I think that English is important because it happened to be the most popular language in the time of globalization. Different cultures need to communicate with each other, it's a fact. Somehow english helps in this process. For example, anyone with a basic study of the language can communicate in English, with some difficulty of course, but it's possible. I also see a willingness of native English people to teach their language, what doesn't happen with French, for example. For me English is a way to get more knowledge, talk to people from different countries, dream about a better job, etc...I would feel kind of isolated if I didn't know English in the 21st century.

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