I always confused whenever I start writing something or you can say that I m bit shaky beginner. Itís been always a difficult task for me to express my feelings or thoughts. I hope at this forum I will get some useful help specially after being leaving my amazing friend, who taught me the basics and corrected my mistakes. If she hadnít encouraged and harassed me, I would have not be here again to this site, as after my 1st silly post here she was bit annoyed too and I was bit upset but she said ďyou can write better than this post ďthen I started compile myself so that I could make some difference, as I donít want to break her belief in me. My relationship with her goes beyond the common genes, I got lots of inspiration from her the time we spent together was entirely filled by lots of love, care & fun though ups and down also came but we committed to each others, literally it was more than I ever imagine I wish, I would have her irrational support for me.

It was just a little effort to express something from my inside. I hope, you might get what I wanted to sayÖ..

Thanks & regards,