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Thread: herd mentality

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    herd mentality

    Hi there,
    Is there any colloquial expressions for 'herd mentality'?

    Could you make a sentence using 'herd mentality'?


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    Re: herd mentality

    Dear Pete:

    'Herd' is a collective noun that refers to a group of animals such as cattle. 'Herd mentality' is thinking or doing something simply because one sees others doing it. Another closely related colloquialism is 'hive mind' (referring to the behavior of bees in a hive. Another is 'group think.'

    The herd mentality of people can be seen in stock market bubbles (and panics), fashion trends and fads, and crowd flow behaviors.

    The vacationers' herd mentality was shown when they all crowded onto the same well-known beach, even though there were pleasant, more isolated beaches within walking distance.

    Hope this is useful. All best wishes.

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    Re: herd mentality

    Herd mentality derives its origin from the fact that herds are driven in the same direction by the cowboys or the leader. Usually they follow the same action as the leader. It indicates that there is no separate intelligent thought being given heed to and acting in similar way as all others present are doing in a particular group.
    Mob-psychology or mob-behaviour are sure close substitute, though herd mentality is more emphatic meaningwise.

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