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    singular or plural?

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me your opininon concerning the following sentences?

    1.1. Her family has disgraced itself.
    1.2. It was eleven o’clock before the family were all in bed.

    2.1. This company demands that the tenants agree to pay an extra 14 s. a week.
    2.2. Other company were there: two playing cards, two playing dominoes, three standing by the counter…

    3.1. The crowd was cheerful.
    3.2. The crowd were pushing, quarrelling, joking.

    4.1. Parliament always was talking shop.
    4.2. Parliament are bound to do something about it…

    5.1. The United States has been supplying about one-third of Japan’s imports but buying from Japan only on-third as much as she sells to Japan.
    5.2. Twenty years is a long time” muttered Soams.
    5.3. Five cents is still due me.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: singular or plural?

    The verb will depend on whether the subject is regarded as a single entity or a group of individuals.

    All your sentences are fine.

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