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    Smile Need Online Course

    I am interested in a online course that will allow me to teach ESL outside of the United States. I have found many on the internet but I cannot tell which one is the best from all aspects.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Need Online Course

    There are some pretty ropey courses out there and be careful of the bodies that are supposed to recognise the courses as many have basically set up their own body to recognise their courses (try doing a whois search and see who has registered the sites and whether the two share the same address). Ask them to put in writing where their courses will get you a job.

    I'd also be wary of people talking about a/the TEFL as if it were a qualification; it isn't, it's an acronym and no more. Also, do you really have to do it online? The lack of teaching practice doesn't work in their favour IMO.

    Try here: and Volunteer abroad, TEFL Courses and more from i-to-i have both had good things said about them in other threads.

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    Re: Need Online Course

    Your right, there are so many to choose from. The previous reply was correct about the reputations of those courses. If your going to Asia, you might want to check out the Chiang Mai University courses. Our Uni has a very good reputation all over Asia.

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    Re: Need Online Course

    Online courses offer a great training opportunity at entry level. They can provide a thorough grounding in a new career and the right tools to approach a new profession within a manageable amount of time and finances.

    As for which course to choose, start by asking for their course syllabus and compare it to others. Check their tutors’ credentials. Make sure the course requires some actual work on your part and it is not based on “Yes or No” answers or “Read This Unit and Summarize It” type of coursework. Try and find out what other students who have taken the course say about it. Basically do as much research as you can. There are quite a few good teacher training courses to choose from. It’s worth taking the time to look around.

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