Hello teachers, This is my report for the practical training. Would you like to help me to correct it? Thank you :)

Working place information

I have spent 40-hour practical training referred as a compulsory part of the Restaurant service course at Gustav Wasa Restaurant.
Gustav Wasa Restaurant is located in the centre of Vasa City at which gathers varied shopping malls, service offices, and restaurants as well as bars, etc. In contrast with the outward hustle and bustle, the like-cellar designed restaurant is immerged with cozy atmosphere sent out by gentle light of candles and lines of tiny ceiling lamps and totally barred sound.
The restaurant is the A’la Carte Restaurant with A-license (permitted to serve all kinds of beverages including strong alcohols) opening daily except Sunday, from 6pm to 11pm as normal. Tables are mostly booked in advance by phone calls or email.
There are approximately 12 staffs totally, including the owner. The owner is also the manager and works as waiter in fully-booking day as well. The staffs really know how to enhance customers’ pleasure with tasty cuisines and professional service.
Gustav Wasa has been rewarded with American Express Service Award in sequent three years.
My task

As a trainee with other waiters, I came to restaurant one hour earlier than the opening hour and I was tasked daily works such as folding napkins, rewashing cutleries, setting tables, etc.

Following the enthusiastic instructions from the staff, I easily get accustomed to all tasks.
I folded napkins readily for setting tables, because all tables were set beforehand. Then, I put them into the napkin- storing shelf
Another big task is setting all tables in the restaurant. I find it interesting to do this task because it helps me to practice efficiently what I had learnt in the Restaurant course. Every individual set includes a plate, a nicely-shaped napkin, and a kit of starter, main-course cutleries, 1 wineglass, and 1 water glass.
During opening time, I worked as an assistant of waiter staff. I cleaned the table as well as reset it for another guest’s dinner. Then, I washed the dishes and cutleries as well as glasses.
Sometimes, the staff let me help in serving customers in pouring water, or bringing the desserts or making a simple cocktail under their supervision.

The experience

What I learnt in my practical time is much more than I could imagine
I have a clear sketch in my mind of how a restaurant, specifically a Finnish restaurant, operates; or a perfect picture of a good waiter’s behavior in how the staff serves customers, how and what a talk they bring to customers to lessen the distance, fulfill the information, and create nicely atmosphere in restaurant-customer relationship.
I had an opportunity to know some kinds of alcohols which were on their bar and learn how they prepare drinks for customers. At most time when working there, the restaurant serves one kind of cocktail which is made of gin and juice of local traditional berry. That highly recommended cocktail was served as a drink before meal, which stimulates customers’ appetizers. I also saw the procedure of making Martini and Irish coffee step by step.
I also had a chance to serve customers with water. At first, I felt a little shy and confused in the middle of crowed room with many eye sights directing to me, but then I quickly respired and did the job very well. I felt comfortably confident to see how they’re pleasure with me.