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    Need help from native speakers

    Recently i listened to a music called "Under my skin" sung by Sarrah Corner. The following is part of the lines of the song.

    when we touch i can feel weíve got a chemistry
    canít get enough
    watch out when you stand so close to me
    i've got you under my skin

    I feel that the lylic includes sexual meanings. But the meaning of the last line(Ive got you under my skin) of what i posted above does not come to me. Some say that means "I got you laid". But I am stilll not sure. Could you give me the exact meaning of the line?

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    Re: Need help from native speakers

    Not native speaker but just want to share. : )

    I can sense that line means she/he is obsessed her/him or affect her/him deep feelings. It should not be getting laid.

    Waiting for native speakers to share. : )

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    Re: Need help from native speakers

    Yes, the idiomatic expression used here give the meaning something like: "constantly thinking about", or obsessed with etc. much like a tattoo gets under the skin and is imprinted on the skin so you are constantly being made aware of it.

    As in most idioms, context is crucial for meaning, because there is use for it in the negative sense as well. For example, "that overbearing man/woman gets under my skin", meaning he/she is irritating.

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