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    gradable adjectives

    It looks formerly ungradable adjectives becoming gradable is a curent language trend.

    Is it possible to say:
    (1) more final, the most final
    (2) more unique, the most unique
    (3) more white (green), the most white (green)

    I thought that 'perfect' was ungradable but then I open the US constitution and read '... to form a more perfect Union'. So is it OK to say 'This is a more perfect / the most perfect answer'?

    If you talk about a person's political beliefs, is it correct to say 'He is more left / right than me' .

    There's also a lot of confusion in the parallel use of synthetic and analytical forms, even with monosyllabic words. Could you throw some light on the matter?

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    Re: gradable adjectives

    Some will say that they incorrect, others that these are pleonasms, but people keep on using them. Are they actually using them as gradable adjectives or are the superlative forms there for emphasis? You'll hear 'most perfect', but what about 'reasonably perfect'? The usage tends to reinforce the adjective and not to slide it up and down a scale. I suopose the question of whether it's OK depends on your audience; it will probably irritate the pedants and grammar police.

    I'd use 'more/further to the left/right'.

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    Re: gradable adjectives

    hi! how are you ? ı'm new here. and ı am very confused about something. can you help me about gradable anda non-gradable adjectives?? please.. ı have an exam wednesday and this is a very important thing for me to learn. please help mee..

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