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Thread: an adjective

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    an adjective

    hi there,
    Do you have an adjective which describes a person who asks you to do things for them all the time and behaves in a way which shows that everybody is there just to make the world better for them?
    I found the word cheeky In my dictionary, but I am not sure if it means what I am looking for.
    Could you help?
    Thank you

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    Re: an adjective

    Hi Carla,

    As my profile shows, I'm not a teacher.

    From your description, it sounds to me very much self-oriented person.
    I think "selfish" will be the word.

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    Re: an adjective

    I think you can use the adj "bossy"

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    Re: an adjective

    Sounds very "egocentric" to me.

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