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    When do I?

    I really want to know, when do I use ''a'' and when do I use ''the''?
    For example ''a pig'' and ''the pig''? In which cases do I use each?

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    Re: When do I?

    A pig is an undefinite pig Eg there is a pig over there. You could have talked about any pig. That pig is not a particular pig.

    The pig is a definite pig. Eg there is the pig of James' over there. You know that is the pig of James'. That pig is therefore a particular one, the pig of James'.

    Here is an useful link: English Grammar: Determiners - A, An or The? |

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    Smile Re: When do I?

    If you want to classify something, you use the; if you want to describe something as a member of a class, you use a/an:

    The dog is man's best friend.
    We could buy her a dog as a birthday present


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