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    Curriculum Vitae

    Hello, every one, I just finished my Curriculum Vitae, I would love you to check if I'm missing some details or if I should add something else. Thanks in advance!

    Wilfredo Ibáñez Zamora
    San josé,

    Date of Birth:
    Id number:
    Marital Status:



    * High School:

    * Instituto Jiménez:

    * Academia Shakespeare:


    • Computing skills (hardware and software).
    • Bilingual communication skills (english, oral & written 80%).
    • Customer Service skills.


    • Music.
    • Foreign languages.
    • Story.


    • J
    • Lic.
    • Lic.

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    Re: Curriculum Vitae

    I'm not a teacher.

    I would recommend that you write "Literature" instead of "Story". It sounds more natural.

    Also, as far as I'm aware, it is better to write a full paragraph on your personal interests and your personal skills than just bullet points.

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    Re: Curriculum Vitae

    Quote Originally Posted by Wil_Ibanez View Post
    Bilingual communication skills (english, oral & written 80%).

    Hello Wil_Ibanez:

    Here's my two cents about your CV.

    1. "English" should be always capitalised.
    2. I cannot understand what "oral and written 80%" refers to.
    3. It sounds better to include your objective of position or job in it.
    4. Your interests are not clear. What are you are interesting in about stories? Writing, reading, or telling? Are you interested in teaching or learning foreign languages?
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